The Field School 2016

Today I begin the first field visit to prepare for the 2016 Field School for Cultural Documentation. I’ll be working with Community Gardens in Arlington County.

I grew up on a farm, so the idea of a kitchen garden makes sense to me. I tore out landscaping around my house to exploit the only sunny spot on our largely wooded property to ensure we have fresh tomatoes and beans each season. The community garden is a small-scale urban farm. In Arlington, the county government provides about 4 acres of land to allow residents (mainly those who live in apartments and condos) to grow their own food.

January will be a fallow time, but I’m excited to see to garden spaces and how the parcels are managed in the off-season.

This blog will become much more active now that I’m back in the field.

3 thoughts on “The Field School 2016

      1. Many thanks for your reply.

        My fellow Hokie Corinne Savage is a descendant of the Ball family which gave Balls Crossing (now Ballston) its name. We graduated from Virginia Tech on the same date a few years ago. Her mother Barbara Ball Savage, who attended Washington-Lee High with my mother Anne, lived in the Fairfax Glebe that gave Glebe Road its name:

        Mrs. Savage and I have discussed Northern Virginia history on many occasions. Her late parents, Frank Ball, Sr. and his wife Marie Shreve Ball were among the founders of the Arlington Historical Society. I’ll soon be telling Mrs. Savage about your latest project in Arlington.

        I know she’ll be interested.

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