Successful Academic Writing: Make a Plan

If you’re an academic, you know you should complete writing projects during the semester. But too many scholars abandon their writing during the 12-14 week semester, and it’s a big mistake. The most productive scholars are those who write every day and integrate writing into their teaching lives. I found this fantastic article in Inside Higher Ed today. I’ve reposted the first challenge below as a New Year’s suggestion: get started now planning for spring. Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll write every day.


  • Create a list of your writing goals (and the tasks necessary to complete them) for the spring semester.
  • If you are resistant to this task, gently ask yourself “why?”
  • Map the writing tasks you need to accomplish onto each week of the semester.
  • Go through your calendar and block out 30-60 minutes at the beginning of each week day for “writing time.”
  • If you don’t have a calendar, stop reading and go get one.
  • Write every day this week for 30-60 minutes (just try it!)
  • Proactively connect with a community of support that meets YOUR personal needs for writing accountability.

I hope this week brings each of you the clarity to define your writing goals, the persistence to write every day, and the joy that is found in true community!

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