Life after coal. Imagine it.

Colliery Communities

An American documentary film-maker is to release a documentary next year which will look at the Welsh experience adapting to life after coal.

Film-maker Tom Hansell also teaches Appalachian Studies and Documentary Studies at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, and has 20 years experience helping people create media about their communities through the Appalshop media arts centre.

Documentary film-maker Tom Hansell ( Documentary film-maker Tom Hansell (Used with permission of Tom Hansell).

In his new project, After Coal: Welsh and Appalachian Mining Communities, Tom looks to Wales for lessons which he hopes can be applied nearly 4,000 miles away in Eastern Kentucky where coal mining communities are experiencing mine closures, causing deprivation not dissimilar to that experienced in Welsh communities in the 80s, 90s and even today.

Tom kindly agreed to speak to Colliery Communities about the project.

“After Coal is a documentary and community engagement project that looks at the Welsh…

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