Speech, Civility, and Guns

When the Second Amendment stops citizens from exercising the First Amendment.


A few days ago Marty Kich posted an item on this blog that reported an effort by gun-rights advocates in Oklahoma to pass legislation that will allow guns to be brought onto the state’s 25 public college and university campuses.  An officer of the state’s Second Amendment Association promotes the legislation in these terms: “’Anywhere you can carry your Bible, which is your First Amendment right, you should be able to carry your gun, which is your Second Amendment right.”

Now an incident in Utah demonstrates a different sort of connection between the first two amendments.  Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist writer and the creator of the popular Tropes versus Women video series, was scheduled to speak at Utah State University’s Center for Women and Gender.  Along with several others, however, she received an ominous and serious death threat.  Claiming to be a student, the writer promised “the deadliest school shooting…

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