The Gender Double Standard

Perfectly exposed in this commercial. Brilliant.


One thought on “The Gender Double Standard

  1. John A. Bartelloni

    Agree completely.

    Our society (and any other) improves when we listen to women and place no restraints on their opportunities. Such restraints include stereotypes and labels.

    My late maternal grandmother Marie (Sullivan) Blair was a brilliant, determined woman. Unfortunately, her education ended at grade 8 as she was needed to support her family. Nonetheless, she forged ahead and rose to the position of buyer at both Thalheimer’s and Miller and Rhoads in Richmond. Her limited education and status as a Catholic woman in a patriarchal Southern city made her journey difficult.

    Today, one of her great granddaughters is angling for an internship on Wall Street. Opportunities for women there are fantastic (See link :

    There is no doubt that my Nana would have succeeded in finance if such opportunities had been available to her. She was very shrewd, no question about it.

    Much improvement has been made; much more needs to occur.

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