Should college students live on campus?

One of the major costs of college (today and in the past) is room and board in the college dorm.  Is it worth it?  This series of essays in the New York Times debates the issue.  


One thought on “Should college students live on campus?

  1. John Bartelloni

    When I was pursuing my first B.A. at Virginia Tech, the residence halls were tantamount to the Fillmore – rock-and-roll all night long. Can’t say that I would want to go through that again.

    Some Hokies made life long friendships in the dorms. One fellow in 232 Miles (I was in 231) became my best friend of all time. My parents thought quite highly of JC; when we argued, my mother would take his side. I was his best man 32 years ago and he’ll be mine one day. Earlier this month we saw the Nats lose to the Phillies, 5-4.

    Most students complained about the dining halls; anywhere I could eat all I wanted was fine with me. The food really wasn’t that bad. Of course, Virginia Tech was a land grant school and had a fine College of Agriculture. I suspect we had roast beef every time a cow died.

    My oldest niece Alli, lived both on and off campus at GMU. I once visited her freshman dorm in President’s Park and it reminded me of the dorms in Blacksburg – cramped and noisy. Later she and some sorority sisters rented a townhouse off Roberts Road where the freedom of living off campus while being near the hub of college life certainly appealed to her.

    My next niece Catherine is a student at Washingon & Lee University. Greek life at W&L apparently dominates the social life there. She decided early on to join a sorority and live in its residence hall. It is working for her.

    Another niece (I have five),Nicole tells me very little about her college life, but I think she has been living on campus both years. Nicole is the most subversive of the girls; me thinks she’ll go off campus next year. Like me, she isn’t a big fan of rules of which there are plenty for students who reside in college housing.

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