Un-hired Ed: The Growing Adjunct Crisis

Un-Hired Ed: The Growing Adjunct Crisis
Source: Online-PhD-Programs.org


One thought on “Un-hired Ed: The Growing Adjunct Crisis

  1. John Bartelloni

    Earning a doctorate and expecting to teach in a first-rate college or university is a long shot like making the NFL.

    Talent is almost immaterial.

    Plenty of folks who have it don’t make the cut.

    My nephew Jay is bright and stands out among his peers athletically. In fact, he was banned from playing football on offense by the kiddie league because of his weight (and that goes for next year, too). I was delighted to hear that he had decided to play fall baseball. Over the weekend I pitched to him for 45 minutes.

    Baseball is a sport in which athletes have typically longer careers than football.

    When he selects a major in college down the road, we hope he’ll pick something in which he’ll find enlightenment and be able to secure employment. In this age of athletic specialization, perhaps he’ll choose to play baseball exclusively. That way he is less likely to get banged up.

    Jay’s oldest sister graduated from GMU a few months ago. Unlike many of her classmates, she has a professional job.

    I worry about another niece, a rising third year student at the most demanding university in Virginia, who will be studying in Rome this fall. An outstanding student-athlete, she has been discouraged from attending law school by her father, a partner in a very fine firm. What will she do after graduation?

    Her alma mater regularly produces successful graduates, but many of these go into business. A requisite for success in business is math. She has taken only one course thus far and me thinks she is cheating herself by not taking more.

    It’s a good idea for college students to look at their chances for long-term employment before pursuing any degree. These folks are supposed to be bright, right?

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