Writing the Mystery Short Story: Resources and Markets from Writers Who Kill

I found this fantastic resource through my colleague Art Taylor.
In the Tuesday, July 30, 2013 post, members of the Writers Who Kill blog offered their perspectives about why to write mystery short stories and what the market provided. They discussed the following five reasons why writing mystery short stories could be advantageous:
1. Short stories appeal to modern attention spans.
2. Short stories allow you to experiment with different genres.
3. Themed short story anthologies give you a subject matter for your story, making you concentrate on a theme and not get deterred by writer’s block.
4. Short stories allow you to interact directly with the editorial community, instead of dealing through an agent.
5. Short stories give you an opportunity to establish your reputation as a fiction writer.
To be successful in the mystery short story market, the following five suggestions were offered:
1. Follow submission requirements.
2. Become involved in short story communities where you can receive the most up‑to‑date information.
3. Read to understand the craft and the business. Short story collections. Stories nominated for awards. Authors’ websites. Authors’ blogs, messages, and articles.
4. Approach the process with a plan and as a professional. You are developing a product and brand. You want to be aware of marketing and use it to your best advantage.
5. Let the process of developing short stories enrich you and help you grow as a writer.
To get to the writing opportunities and where to find them, visit Writers Who Kill.  

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