Revision is Writing II: It’s also required and relentless (and that’s writing, too)

Wonderful post about the essential art of revision.

Pen, Ink, and Crimes

Recently Beth Kanell posted an excellent piece here about how revision IS writing. It’s a great lesson for starting writers and, as I realized last week, a necessary reminder for old hands at it, too.

Those of us who have been at it any length of time know that writing is hard work.

Everyone has a different process, but no one can avoid going back and tweaking, correcting, redoing.

I read a biography of Harper Lee that recounted how she would labor over one page for hours, sometimes days, and not move on until it was perfect. No wonder, after more than 50 years, we’ve never seen that second book.

My process is that I throw the story down on the page as it comes to me, not wanting to slow down and find the perfect word or phrase, knowing that will get in the way of what’s happening…

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