BBC Ethnography Prize (for UK Ethnographers)

The Thinking Allowed Award for Ethnography

Thinking Allowed in association with the British Sociological Association announces a new annual award for a study that has made a significant contribution to ethnography: the in-depth analysis of the everyday life of a culture or sub-culture.

Are you involved in social science research and completing or will have completed an ethnography this year? The Award is open to any UK resident currently employed as a teacher or researcher or studying as a postgraduate in a UK institution of higher education.

An entry should be a completed ethnography, a qualitative research project which provides a detailed description of the practices of a group or culture. Any sole authored book or peer reviewed research article published during the calendar year of the award will be eligible.

The judges for the Award are Professor Dick Hobbs, Professor Henrietta Moore, Dr Louise Westmarland, Professor Bev Skeggs. The Chair is Professor Laurie Taylor. (Please do not contact any judges directly).

The judges will be looking for work which displays flair, originality and clarity, alongside sound methodology. The work should make a significant contribution to knowledge and understanding in the relevant area of research.

The panel of judges will select six finalists, and from that shortlist the judges will select an overall winner who will be awarded a prize of £1000.

The winner of the Award will be announced in April 2014.

Read on for essential information and details on how to enter.

Please see the Terms & Conditions for all the rules.

Thinking Allowed & Ethnography

Thinking Allowed has always drawn heavily upon ethnographic material and it is hoped that this Award will bring to light and stimulate more research of this kind.

Although ethnography has been historically associated with anthropological studies by such scholars as Malinowski and Mead, it has now come to stand for any research project in which the researcher seeks to understand a culture or subculture through the close study of the habits and speech and lifestyles of its members.

How to enter

You may submit one entry only, which must be sole authored.

All entries must include the summary and contact details and a hard copy or electronic copy (attachments must be under the filesize of 10MB) of the ethnography.

Please ensure you have read the Terms & Conditions before submitting your entry.

Email a summary of your work to (no more than 250 words) along with your name and phone number. Please include the name of your paper in the ‘Subject’ category of your email.

If you are submitting a paper, it can be attached to your email, provided it is no more than 10MB. If you receive no automatic email confirmation your paper is too large and you will need to send it by post.

If you are submitting a book (which must be published during this year) it should be posted to:
Thinking Allowed
Ethnography Award
Room 6045
Broadcasting House

Entries must be submitted by the closing date of 30th November 2013,


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