Visit Arlington National Cemetery Right Now (ANC Explorer App)

Probably the coolest innovation to come to Arlington National Cemetery in the last two years is the ANC Explorer App, an web/smartphone application that allows you to find a grave location amongst the 400,000 located in the cemetery.

I used it to find a distant cousin (a World War I Army nurse) as well as my former neighbor who passed away last year.

The App shows grave location by section and a photo of each headstone in the cemetery. Once you’re in the right section, mapping software will geolocate the gravesite and your location and chart out walking or driving directions to the exact location.

The cemetery plans to use the App to create themed walking tours at the cemetery early next year.

ANC Explorer App:
ANC Explorer App:

One thought on “Visit Arlington National Cemetery Right Now (ANC Explorer App)

  1. Mrs.JConnelly

    My daughter would like to take her family to Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day. We have two great uncles who died in WWI and were buried there. Dean Roger Van Kirk was killed in an airplane crash in Pensacola, FL.on 1 May 1917. I think he is in section 2, right near the road. The other uncle is Donald David Schultz who died in France on 10 October 1918. I remember he was in section 18.

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