Passing the Baton at Atticus Reivew

by Katrina Grey EIC of Atticus Review

Readers, friends, cohorts, conspirators, and supporters of Atticus Review: you have all been so kind, generous, and beautiful, that it’s a bit painful for me to announce my difficult decision to step down as editor-in-chief.

I feel a bit like someone who falls in love with a puppy, someone who truly, madly, deeply loves this puppy and watches it grow into a fine, fine companion, but has to give it up—because of a move to Mars, because of an allergic spouse, because it’s not fair to the poor animal that the baby keeps pulling its tail.

Granted, I’m not a person who can bear to give away a pet, so usually I’d just power through whatever challenge comes along. I’d get the dog an oxygen mask for the Martian atmosphere; I’d make the spouse get allergy shots; I’d keep the baby behind a gate.

Which is what I’ve been trying to do in my EIC position for nearly two years. Instead of taking myself away from my son for the only few hours I get to spend with him on a workday, I’d wait until he fell asleep to work, and stay up until 2 a.m. I’d spend lunch hours reading submissions instead of eating. I’d let the floors stay dusty for one more day, and then another, and then another, to get everything done when it was supposed to get done. I’d cancel plans with friends, let the Netflix DVDs pile up, put off my own fiction writing.

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