Obama’s Re-election: Colleges can expect four more years of Reform

By Michael Stratford


American voters re-elected Barack Obama as president on Tuesday, extending the White House stay of an administration that has focused on expanding federal student aid as well as tightening regulations on colleges and universities.

Economic concerns took center stage over the course of the 2012 presidential race, as both campaigns sought to make the case for why their candidate was best equipped to lead a nation still recovering from an economic recession. Higher-education issues were often embedded in broader economic narratives. Both campaigns responded to anxiety over the cost of a college education, the unemployment rate for recent college graduates, and the burden ofstudent-loan debt, which reached the $1-trillion milestone as the campaign was beginning this year.

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One thought on “Obama’s Re-election: Colleges can expect four more years of Reform

  1. John A. Bartelloni

    This election was decided by women who were angry at being punished for being women. “Legitimate rape,” the will of God in the event of rape, personhood amendments, etc., were galvanizing issues. Women and their allies (I am one) resented the ignorance and condescending attitude of prominent Republicans.

    In 2013 Virginians will vote on their statewide officials. All candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General should bear in mind the women’s vote. Just ask Mitt Romney, Todd Akin, and Richard Mourdock what happens to those folks who do not.

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