The Standing Work Station & the Creative Process

About a month ago my friend Cloud sent me this article detailing the benefits of standing work stations.  I read it and it made sense.  I was intrigued by the possibility of burning an extra 300 calories a day (that’ about what I burn during my morning elliptical workout).

I’m hopeless ADD, so I don’t sit very long even whenI’m in the middle of a big project.  I wondered, how would standing and typing change my creative process, if at all?

Because this is a test, I don’t want to spend much creating the standing work station.  I started by testing surfaces in my home.  I found that my kitchen counter works well, although a bit small. I then searched through my university’s surplus furniture, hoping to find a desktop lecturn that I might use to transform my current desk into a standing work station.  No luck there, although I did find an old utility cart that probably would have worked.  I passed on it because it was too big, too plastic and (sadly) just too ugly.

When I returned home I took another look around my house. I have an antique sideboard in my dining room.  It’s pretty, spacious and just the right height for typing (although my laptop screen should be closer to eye level).

I have two writing projects do this week and I’m going to give it a try. I’m curious to see if I’ll be more productive, as I won’t have to be getting up and walking around every 15-20 minutes or if I’ll be too distracted.  I’m also curious about how the rest of my body will respond.  I’m convinced that this will change my creative process–I often change writing locations when I need a boost there–but I’m not sure standing will make a difference.  This is the week to test that out.


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