What makes a citizen?

This story about an American citizen, living in Israel, is an interesting citizenship case.  She’s an American but she gave birth to twins in Israel after she became pregnant via in-vitro fertilization using donor egg and sperm.  When she presented the children at the U.S embassy, they were refused citizenship because she could not prove that either the egg or sperm donor were American citizens.  In other words, the government insists on proof that the biological parents have a blood connection to the U.S.

This is completely nuts.

First of all, the children are legally her offspring.  She carried them for nine months.  If she had adopted them or if they had been born in the U.S., the would automatically be granted U.S. citizenship.  Because she is a citizen herself, it seems reasonable and logical that the children should be Americans.  I just don’t see the reasoning here.


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