#Social Media and Indie Author: What to Tweet

What Tweets are likely to draw in potential readers?  Here’s my top list:

  1. Tweet to engage, but don’t tweet simply to draw an audience.  This may seem counter-intuitive, but think about it.  Do you want your Twitter feed to be one long stream of advertising?  Neither do I.  Use Twitter to talk about your work, your writing experience, and interesting books you’ve read.  Readers are going to be drawn you to as a person, an as a consequence, will be more likely to want to read your work.  I’m more likely to purchase books from authors with whom I feel a connection.  Use Twitter to make that connection.
  2. Your book launch and your book trailer.  A tweet announcing your book is in order, as is a link to your author website and your book trailer.  Just don’t overdo it.  Readers don’t need to know the book is out multiple times.
  3. Readings and book tour dates. It’s great to know when an author is going be in town and Twitter is a perfect way to make sure readers know your schedule.
  4. Freebees and give-aways.  Both are proven methods to draw attention and an audience. I’m much more likely to buy the $.99 book of a new author.  It’s a low-risk, high reward option for book lovers.
  5. What you’re reading.  This is not the same thing as hawking your friends’ books.  Great writers are always voracious readers.  Share your reading list and why you love the books you read (a link back to your reviews on Goodreads are welcome, too).

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