#SocialMedia and the Indie Author: What NOT to Tweet

Calling all authors:  Twitter is a great way to build a community and promote your book. If you want to keep an audience, however, it’s best not to annoy your readers.   This is my top 5 list of Twitter Annoyances.  Do this, and I’m likely to stop following you.  And I definitely will NOT read your book.

  1. Spam Tweets: Some authors seem to be on Twitter for about 10 minutes per day and the spend that 10 minutes re-tweeting everything they received in the last 24 hours.   Please stop this.  If I sign in and find 20 tweets from you, you’re toast.
  2. Tweeting your book release every hour.  We all know that people read their Twitter feeds at different times of the day, and I understand that you’re worried that one potential reader may have missed your 2PM Tweet.  I get it.  What I don’t get is doing this round the clock for two or three days.   It smacks of desperation.  I know, it probably is desperation.  But trust me, it doesn’t help.
  3. Tweeting every reader review on Amazon.  It’s great to get reviews, and It’s exciting when they’re good.  But seriously, do you really think that one new reader review is going to get me to read your book?  No, it’s not.  (I’ll get to what will get me to your book in a moment).
  4. Re-tweeting every positive Tweet about your book.  This is really a variation on #3, I know.  There are good recommendations and there are recommendations from your grandma.  Please understand that as a savvy reader, I know the difference.
  5. Re-tweeting any Tweet that says “Read it!!!”  Excessive punctuation aside, your tweet should contain real content that takes me to the book, not the demand that I take your advice.
Believe me, it is possible to persuade someone to read your book in 120 characters or less.
Tomorrow: Tweets that will make me want to buy your book

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