Press one for English

Seriously, folks, are you that insecure that you’ll pass a law simply so you don’t have to hear that option?

This report from the NY Times details the story of Fremont, Nebraska, a town that is concerned about immigration, particularly the cultural changes it brings.  Sure, they also mention the more acceptable excuses for nativism: the “rise” in crime and loss of good jobs.  (Excuse me, Nebraska, but have you ever heard of “globalization” and it’s accompanied “job exports abroad”?  That may be your real culprit here.)

On Monday Fremont will vote about a ordinance that will ban businesses from hiring illegal immigrants (no complaint from me here–if only these federal laws would be enforced), and bar landlords from renting to them.   It seems like the voters have some decent leadership (their local elected officials fought this all the way to the Nebraska Supreme Court).

The truth is, immigrants bring cultural change. They always have.  They also bring prosperity, growth, and a way to see the world more broadly than we might normally.  No one has to like this, but really, folks.  Save your time and money on that vote.  Lobby your congressman about REAL immigration reform.  Your little ordinance won’t make a hill of beans difference, unless your goal is to divide your community.

If you don’t believe me, look no further than Prince William County, Virginia.


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