Offensive Quote of the Day

Pulled from, a report on New Mexico Politics. The article that Mr. Shelby is responding to examines the different approaches to immigration by Democrats and Republicans in New Mexico.

I post it here to remind readers than much of the anti-immigrant sentiment circulating in the U.S. today is simply nativism that has been reframed under the guise of “being against illegals” when it is in fact an attempt to promote a “White Peoples” agenda.

Stop Immigration legal or Illegal
By Richard Shelby on Jun 17, 2010 5:47:22 AM

The European White race is suffering from these growing third world invasions. We must send the message that immigrants are no longer welcomed into our states and communities using laws like SB 1070. Arizona has done the right thing. We ask European-Whites to join us in voting for the White People’s Party; it the only party that can help address our issues. We’ve won in Arizona. New Mexico, Florida and Texas should be next.


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