Texas GOP votes to press Arizona-like Law

It appears that the GOP in Texas has decided to declare war on the undocumented, according to this article from today’s Dallas Morning News. That’s an interesting development, considering the long-term Mexican and population in the state. The immigration aspect was not the most surprising item on the GOP platform. My personal favorite was the outlawing of all sexually oriented businesses, including strip clubs. You won’t hear an argument about that one from me, but seriously folks, is this any more realistic than your proposal to round up and deport your state’s undocumented?

There are days when I think the GOP is marching toward it destruction, and along the way they decided to provide the rope to be used for the party’s own hanging.

It’s hard to say what will come of this–there are plenty of Texans who oppose taking strong measures against the undocumented, simply because it can work to undermine good neighborly relations. But I still think the GOP in Texas and elsewhere should take a nice long look at the U.S. census data. They may score a short-term victory today, but the demographic trends are not moving in their favor.


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