Mexican youth shot by border agent on Monday: the full video

This is the full ten minutes of film of the shooting on Monday.

The Border Patrol Union has released the following statement:

The National Border Patrol Council said the still-unidentified agent acted appropriately after Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka, 15, started throwing rocks in his direction.

“Since biblical times, rocks have been used as a crude but effective weapon to injure and kill humans,” the union said. “On June 8, 2010, when Border Patrol Agents were assaulted at the U.S./Mexico border by several individuals armed with rocks, they were forced to defend themselves and their fellow agents. Border Patrol Agents are not trained, nor paid to withstand violent assaults without the ability to defend themselves. Rocks are weapons and constitute deadly force.”

The union also stated, “While the loss of this teenager’s life is regrettable, it is due solely to his decision to pick up a rock and assault a United States Border Patrol Agent. We stand behind the actions of the agents who did their duty in El Paso, and are confident that the investigation into his incident will justify their actions.”

Please note what was NOT said here. There is no accusation that the teen actually HIT the agent, and as I said before, I’m not certain why the adult with the gun didn’t stand back out of the range of the rock throwers. These kids are not Stephen Strassburg, after all.


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