Lou Dobbs is no longer sufficiently anti-immigrant

Poor Lou Dobbs. First he loses his job because he unloads on immigrants. Now he’s losing friends because he’s not anti-immigrant enough.

We live in a strange world.

According to the article linked here, The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has dropped its support for Dobbs because he no longer sufficiently hates undocumented immigrants.

Apparently, Dobbs is serious about his future bid for a political position, and has quickly shed his more onerous anti-immigrant rhetoric. When he appeared on Telemundo recently, he mention not once, but two times that the 12 million undocumented immigrants currently residing in the U.S. need a path to citizenship.

So what gives? Dobbs is a turncoat? Hypocrite? Aliens have stolen the real Dobbs and left us with a thinking changling?

I think it could be all of the above, and I’m hoping the aliens (and I do see the irony here) keep the “real” Dobbs. But I doubt they’ll like each other.
in reference to: Lou Dobbs Loses Support of Anti-Immigration Group — Daily Intel (view on Google Sidewiki)


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