Immigrants Boost Economy in Proportionate to their Numbers

The link to this press release f references a study by the Fiscal Policy Institute.  In the nation’s largest cities, immigrants contribute to the economy roughly in proportion to their share of the population.  No surprises here, but it’s nice to see the anecdotal evidence supported by solid research.

New report shows robust immigrant contribution to GDP in the country’s 25 largest metropolitan areas.Immigrants and the Economy also looks at the wide range of occupations held by immigrants and other reasons immigrant economic contribution is so consistently strong, with a special focus on the five largest metro areas in the East.

In the 25 metro areas combined, immigrants account for 20 percent of economic output and 20 percent of the population. The same basic relationship holds true, with slight variation, for each of the 25 areas, from metro Pittsburgh, where immigrants represent 3 percent of population and 4 percent of GDP, to metro Miami, where immigrants make up 37 percent of the population and 38 percent of GDP.


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