Immigrant Kidnapping on the Border

It appears that kidnappings have moved north. This article describes recent trend of kidnapping the undocumented as they attempt to cross the border. Ransom is extorted from their relatives who are living in the U.S., sometimes without authorization.

The story highlights the case of an undocumented family in Fairfax, VA., who received a call from kidnappers after their in-laws has been kidnapped. The family decided to contact ICE for assistance. It appears that U.S. officials are concerned about saving the kidnapping victims:

Although ICE officials recognize that everyone involved — the immigrants and the kidnappers — have broken the law, they say they want to save lives first and sort out immigration status second. Allen said the victims are part of the criminal conspiracy, “but at the same time, most of them didn’t sign up for what ended up happening.”

The most striking aspect of this story is that the family they focus on are residents of Prince William County. When they realized what was happening to their family members, they went to the police.


2 thoughts on “Immigrant Kidnapping on the Border

  1. It is so frustrating that it is so difficult for Latin Americans to immigrate or even visit the US legally that they resort to being smuggled like this. The article says, “they should just use legal means,” but mostly they are told no when they try.

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