The Cost of Immigrant Detention

The following is a re-post of the cost per night for housing detained immigrants:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement housed about 33,345 people per night in July at facilities across the country. Most are owned by local and state governments. A look at the amounts paid per night for each immigrant at some of those facilities, according to public records:

Orange County, N.Y. – $133.93

Monmouth County, N.J. – $105

Central Falls, R.I. – $101.76

Los Angeles County – $100.09

Otero County, N.M. – $96.99

Glendale, Calif. – $85

Pike County, Penn. – $81.50

Willacy County, Texas – $78

Henderson County, N.C. – $71.96

Eloy, Ariz. – $64.47

Farmville, Va. – $62.83

Stewart County, Ga. – $60.50

Pinal County, Ariz. – $59.64

Haskell County, Texas – $57.67

Imperial County, Calif. – $55.78

Perry County, Ala. – $45

Cobb County, Ga. – $42.58


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