The Gringa Wireless

The Gringa will be appearing on the Diane Rehm show on Tuesday November 6 from 11-12 noon. I’ll be talking about my research in San Miguel de Allende. For my readers in Mexico, you can listen to the show on-line if you follow the link above.

3 thoughts on “The Gringa Wireless

  1. Anonymous

    Quick question. I know where my home country (Canada) stands on dual citizenship but what about Mexico? Can I retain my Canadian citizenship and obtain Mexican citizenship?

  2. You can apply for dual citizenship in Mexico, but it is not a quick process. The expats in SMA explained it to me this way, but you should check with the Mexican embassy in Canada to get the exact process. You have to live on an immigrant visa for a term (I think it is 5 years) then as a permanent resident (another 5, I believe), and then you can apply. But you have to have been a full-time resident of Mexico do to this.

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