Calderón scolds Bush on Immigration, Drugs

Felipe Calderón may have had trouble last year on his path to the Presidency of Mexico, but based on his interactions with George W. Bush yesterday, he seems to have the huevos to speak up on the international stage. According to several news sources, Calderón did not mince words in admonishing President Bush on his border fence initiative and his administration’s failure to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

President Calderón also addressed the issue of controlling illegal drug trafficking. He vowed to fight drug-running in Mexico, but also pointed out that the U.S. has a responsibility to address issues of demand because “while there is no reduction in demand in your territory, it will be very difficult to reduce the supply in ours.”

It’s certainly obvious that Calderón is no Vincente Fox, who was always remarkably polite in his deference to President Bush.


4 thoughts on “Calderón scolds Bush on Immigration, Drugs

  1. Anonymous

    Cindi and I were amazed at this when we saw it in the local news. However, though it was reported in the news, both print and television, when we asked our neighbors about it they were woefully uninformed. Sad.Doug and Cindi Bower

  2. Anonymous

    It seems kind of hypocritical for the U.S. government to demand that other countries stop producing drug crops, considering the huge number of people dying from diseases related to tobacco, part of which is grown is the U.S. Compared to the tobacco death toll, the 9-11 deaths were a like drop in the bucket.

  3. I must admit that I like this new Mexican president. I will never really know how corrupt his administration is but I do feel that he really is for the people. If the Mexican president does not stand up for his people then who will. Now as for the drugs, I believe that will only be solved when the US government stops helping with the importation and exportation of the drugs. I know it is not a fact, but to me, its pretty obvious and has been for many years…

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