The Grassroots battle against Immigration

It appears that some residents of Prince William county are working toward starting a chapter of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps in their community. As you can see from the photo from the Washington Post, however, their efforts are being met with considerable resistance. Many in the Latino community, as well as other concerned citizens, do not care for the anti-Latino sentiment that the Minutemen are known to stir up.

The Minutemen were active in Herndon most of last year. They stood outside the day labor center and before that, the 7-Eleven parking lot taking photos of immigrants and those who hired them. They took the photos and vehicle identification and handed it to ICE officials, who obviously ignored the reports, as nothing came of the action.

The fact that the group is ineffective, but nonetheless does much to damage community relations between Latinos and others, is probably the best reason to not associate with groups like the Minutemen.


2 thoughts on “The Grassroots battle against Immigration

  1. Maybe the were protesting inside? You can follow the link at the head of the article to the original photo. Perhaps you’ll find more information there.I’m glad you don’t have any problem with the issues they’re protesting, however.

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