2006’s Top 10 Immigration Issues

Okay, end of semester or not, I can’t keep away from the blog.

It doesn’t help that there has actually been some news on immigration of late. The above link will take you to the Migration Policy Institute’s website and a list of the top 10 immigration issues for 2006 (world wide). They include:

assimilation is replacing multiculturalism as a dominant paradigm of immigrant incorporation

US Immigration Reform: Better luck next year

All about Borders. Well, actually only the U.S.-Mexico Border. To the north we act as if we do not have one. The point is that as a nation we have become fixated on the border as the location of the solution for our immigration problems.

State and local governments respond to Immigration. Mainly as a response to failed national policies, localities like Hazleton, PA have enacted their own legislative “solutions” to immigration.

2 thoughts on “2006’s Top 10 Immigration Issues

  1. Anonymous

    Illegal immigrants come here for the american dream. If they are willing to swim through raw sewage and other disgusting things or be stuck in a smuggler’s suitcase we should stop them from suceeding. I know it sounds mean, but if they are this desperate the least we can do is to stop them from succesfully entering our country if they are so williing to do it repeatedly :/

  2. Anonymous

    I really don’t see how your comment relates to this post. But to respond to your comment: if we had the political will to actually stop people from crossing the border without documents, we would have done it by now. What we should not do is subject any human being to degrading and dangerous measures so they can clean our toilets and cut our grass.

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