Border Patrol: Fences won’t work

This brief article from the Washington Post outlines why a border fence is impractical and likely to fail as a deterrent for undocumented immigrants. The reasons? The border is lined with a number of dry creek beds along the Arizona-Sonora border, which are prone to flash floods during the rainy season. The barrier would also have to traverse the Huachuca Mountains and other craggy ranges west of Nogales, Arizona, where the the ravines and bluffs are inaccessible to cars and trucks. The fence is also likely to simply push immigrants and smugglers to other crossing points that will have less scrutiny.


3 thoughts on “Border Patrol: Fences won’t work

  1. legal immigrant

    I still do not understand why everyone is so concerned about these criminals. Are they aware that others wait up to 30 years for a visa into this country?? What would you do to people who pushed in front of you in line at the grocery store? They are “stealing” our welfare money, medical services, jobs. This is like some family just moving into your house without your permission and setting up in your bedroom. When are people going to wake up?

  2. If we’re going to talk about criminals, why not start with our own citizens who create and maintain the market for undocumented labor. If no one in the U.S. will hire them, I guarantee they would not come.

  3. You make a good point Deb, if no one hired them they wouldn’t come. That’s why I think we need a law to punish both; since both broke the law. The immigrant for coming here illegally should be prosecuted. But not this catch and release crap, hard labor prison time. We can put them to work on community projects. Once his or her time is up, we send them back to where they came from. Now in order to be fair (we are Americans afterall and justice is/should be fair…) those who are caught hiring them get the exact same treament. If you hire someone who sneaks over the border, you are as guilty as they are and will be punished as well. Maybe even say a mandatory 365 day sentence, no time off, no pay, no probation for first offense?

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