House victory?

Bill Frist yesterday admitted that the immigration reform proposal by the Senate is officially dead, but emphasized the GOP has funded plenty of anti-immigration window dressing in time for the election: pouring money into a 375 mile border fence and hiring more border patrol guards. Both moves have long been proven ineffective, but it looks like they’re doing something…

At the same time, these tough as nails anti-immigration Republicans has scaled back workplace enforcement during their tenure (down 95% from 1999-2003) and prosecuting employers who have undocumented men and women on their payroll (which is ALSO a violation of federal law); in 1999, there were 182 employers prosecuted for hiring undocumented workers, in 2003, only four were prosecuted. Then again, it’s so much easier to blame the immigrant, so why bother?

C’mon guys, just admit it. We need a worker visa program.


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