Driving in Mexico

We learned a valuable lesson on our trip to Ciudad Guanajuato this week: don’t drive. Don’t even think about driving. This is a lovely city, but it was built over 400 years ago and was never intended to accomodate car travel. The city is much more accessable and enjoyable on foot.

When we returned from Guanajuato, we went straight out to Gringo Happy Hour (again). It was a profitable evening. We had a great time and I arranged interviews for the following week. I think I should be able to work in just about everyone that I want this week, and then start pulling it all together as we plan to return to the U.S. mid-August.

My son has used his time at the happy h0ur profitably, and has become quite a good billiard player. The gentleman on the right (in red) is Jim and has officially become my son’s billards partner. We may have to find a pool hall when we return to the U.S.


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